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Step three blooms

Step three blooms

Step three

Use 3 strands of embroidery thread . Knot the end and stitch a row of running stitch along the raw edge of one petal and gather it in by pushing it along the thread toward the knot.

Then stitch another small triangle on to the length of the thread and gather in also. Pushing it along toward the 1st petal.

Keep doing this until all the required amounts of petals are on the length of thread. (MAX 6) Keep a bit of tension on the thread so the petals are gathered in nice and firm.

Take your needle through the first petal when you have threaded all the petals and finish off with a knot. Keeping the tension on the gathered edges of your petals.

You will attach your bloom to the item by stitching a good size button in the middle area of the bloom. The button needs to be larger than the centre of the bloom.