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September 18, 2011


Amanda Begelhole

Partner in crime hey? You two sound like mischeif to me, but lots of fun too... xx

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies

Hey Nat! Wonderful to catch up with you in 'real life' last weekend! So glad you enjoyed our typical Toowoomba weather! Tee! Hee! Hee! All I can say is ... you probably don't want to visit in WINTER when it's REALLY cold! :0) Oh ... and I'll reserve a spot of the "Naughty Table" for you next year ... I'm sure you'll feel right at home with us! Tee! Hee! Hee! Thanks for helping make SDDO 2011 a super-fun time - have a great week! Big Squooshy Bear Hugs! KRIS


Partner in crime indeed! See you soon, ready for a big talk fest!!

Debbie P

Hey Nat, hate to tell you we have 32deg here in Sunny Qld today with the rest of the week sunny as well. Poor Nat Lymer was ankle deep in mud last Stitches dream day out, so you were lucky. Lol we still had a great time!


Thanks Natalie for a lovely weekend in Toowoomba. Let me say I was there again today and it was really warm.Thanks for putting our bag pictures up we feel very special. Just remember you inspire so many of us to make these beautiful creations of yours.LOVE your work.....

Bev C

Hello Natalie,

Was my son staying at your house while you were away?? Love the photo's of your time away.
Happy days.


So I'm not the only one in Australia that didn't know it gets cold at Toowoomba. We were up there in April and I ended up having to buy jeans because of the cold. It was a lovelly place and I can't wait to get back there


You are such a busy vegemite...


Helen Guy

Hi Natalie
I have just started blogging and came across your blog. Thank you for your lovely comments about me. I look drunk in the photo LOL it was a fun weekend Cheers Helen

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