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February 05, 2011


Sandy Hobbs

Welcome, Katie Girl, you've got a purrrfectly, wonderful home now!


MMM love cats are tempting !!! and katie girl is cute !!

Sharon R

Good luck for Wednesday nat, you will cruise through it! Lovin the kitty cat!

Mary Grace McNamara

What a lucky little kitty she is! We had two birds and two cats and a dog at one time, and whenever we let the birds out, it was so fun to see them interact with the cats. The birds definitely held their own and needed no protection from us! I think the cats knew better!

Darling new projects too! Send some of that heat our way...we are buried under mountains of snow and freeeeeeeeezing!

Stay cool...


What a Good Soul you are for taking in the Kitty...
Good Luck for Wednesday I'm sure you'll be just Fine...


Nat... Your posts always makes me laugh..... yes it has been very hot.

How cute is Katie.... nice to read that she is now it a loving home.

Yes the op day is on Wednesday... I will be thinking of you. I hope everything goes well and that you heal quickly.



Welcome little Katie kitty and I am sure your inspirations will cerainly help pay your board and lodgings.

What a kind hearted soul you are Natalie. We are about to move and as tempting as it is to leave our perimenopausal male cat behind he will come with us because he is very much part of our family! What happens after we move is in the hands of a greater being.

All the best for your surgery this week. Take some Arnica for the bruising, it will help I promise you ;-) Speedy recovery. xxx


Natalie,you a so sweet & kind giving Katie a loving home.....
All the best for the op...& I hope you get the results out of it you are after,& feel much better soon...
Hugs Catherine xx


Lucky Katie....! It's a pity the "people" didn't leave ages ago so she could have had more time with you! .....but lucky she is that you have adopted her. Hang in there with the heat...we had a much cooler weekend and I feel much refreshed!I know it's summer....but...I am over it as well!
Hope the op is successful and I wish you a speedy recovery *hugs*


Welcome to Katie girl ! She looks very nice ! I'm glad she can be at your home now !!
I'll think of you wednesday ;)

suzyq - atthefarmhouse

Hi Natalie, I just stopped by to wish you all the best for Wednesday!! I remembered you saying about your surgery ages ago and remembered because tomorrow is my birthday! Hope all goes well for you.
PS I'll have a glass of champers for you!


How lovely of you to have done this! We have a cat that was a product of a mom who was never "fixed". She's a bit of an odd little thing and I think it's because her mom had litter after litter. We love her, but it's still a sad situation.


Katie, at last is a lucky girl!

villa denia

Hats off to you author for making a cute creature a part of your family...Yeah its true that many people leave their pet animals,when they have to relocate to a new place..But here "Katie" is lucky that she have the neighbors like you ,who allowed you to share their family..

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