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November 04, 2010



Hi Natalie, Can't wait to see your new quilt either! Don't be long...


they are looking good!!!

Joy :o)

Looking good, looking forward to seeing the whole thing ;o)!!! I bought myself a bunch of those yummy "Where the wind blows" fatties while at my local PWS the other day .... aren't they just the most gawjus colours!!!!
Hope your nasty cold goes away!!
Joy :o)


Wow Natalie.... Just LOVE it. You have been a very busy vegemite..



Can't wait to see the whole quilt. Your sneak peaks look lovely.


Natalie, will this be a new pattern?
'Woodland' brings back so many memories of childhood designs, I can't wait to see it. Doris..


hi Natalie,
what tasty tidbits you are showing us, simply cannot wait to see the whole thing!


Hi Natalie,
I have some of Melly's fabrics too, bought them at the Craft show...No plans for them yet though.
Can't wait to see the quilt finished, I'm sure it will be lovely.

Michelle Whyte

Hi Nat,
That quilt looks divine from the little sneeky peeks you have shown us. I really like the owl :)


ooooh, so excited to see your quilt with my fabrics!!! The peek is oh so cute!!!!! Exciting :)

Auntie Pami

I am sorry for your Snoz issues. Have you tried an air filter in the house? I have one just for my sewing room and I turn it on about 15-20 minutes before I'm nestled away (for hours...) and I find I breathe much easier. Looking forward to more peaks!

Fiona Ransley

Looking forward to it Nat :)


Ooh Natalie,
I love what you're doing and I adore your little buddies..faves of mine too :D

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