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October 12, 2010



Hi Natalie...

Mr Pickles was in Nowra I heard when I was there.

I remember a holiday... we save, we save. The morning of the holiday my then 3 year old ended up with the chicken pox. We didn't want to not go and being one of the hotest days ever... I dress her in a long shirt, long pants and a beanie so that no one would notice she had spots.... poor thing. We did end up going, but my husband ended up with food poisoning and on the way home my son had the chicken pox... so I just dress him in his sisters clothes... I wish I had a photo of it now.


Oh, you poor thing! Sorry, I have nothing like it to share, but thank you for sharing your fantastic patterns with us just the same.


The only thing I can think of is, when I was a teenager and waitressed for a friend's wedding and as I was coming out of the kitchen with plates full of food, I managed to fall down the stairs in front of everyone! Fortunately, I have fast reflexes and managed to plonk the food on a side table before I fell on the floor... somewhat embarrassed!


oh I have a story I dont think it was funny at the time but It will be talked about for a long time
I went to my girlfriends wedding and it was beautiful she had a long white skimpy wedding dress when it was time to be seated for dinner the young waiter spilt a full glass of lemonade down the back of the Brides dress so myself and another girlfriend spent some quality time in the loo with the bride drying her dress and nickers with the hand dryers . It all turned out in the end and was a beautiful wedding
hugs Beth


Coming to Melbourne hey? Maybe I will have to come visit you at the AQM.....Amanda xxx


This is a story more about my brother than myself but it was still on holidays. When we were younger we went on a holiday to Phuket. We were walking down the street when we could hear cries for help. My brother who was 6 at the time had become distracted and had fallen into one of the drains that runs along the side of the street. As anyone who has travelled there the drains aren't shallow and are filled with, well I don't want to think about it. He looked like louie the fly doing backstroke trying to keep on top of the muck.Dad pulled him out and he smelt so bad we took him into a clothes shop where the hosed him down threw his old clothes in the bin and had to buy a whole new outfit. It took a couple of days for the stink to go away.

Nay from Nays Place

Nothing so exciting as toilet paper but I do remember as a child attempting to gain the attention in the schoolyard when doing a row of continuous cartwheels I discovered everyone laughing at me to only realise that I was wearing my frilly pale pink nighty shorties under my school uniform - I didnt look so cool anymore


I love your patterns so much, sure hope to win one here.
My best holiday story?
13 years ago last August DH and I went on holidays in Bali. A GREAT time was had, very relaxing. Brought home a fantastic souvenir - 9 months later my gorgeous DD was born!

Cheryl Forward

I went to Bali last year, with family, being the big kid that I am, we went to waterbom park all the slides yes I did, last one went down we fly off over the last dip I landed on the edge of slide hit my behind thru the tube got off very sore, but wasn't till I got home and saw the bruise my whole backside was black and blue! No wonder the massage lady didn't want to touch my hips!! I have photo's I took my self, of course not my whole backside that would be too rude. Had a great time though!!! Cheryl

Mary Grace McNamara

Oh my Natalie! That was funny! I surely cannot top that, so I won't even try! Your patterns are just too cute...I'd surely love to win the bag pattern!



What a funny story! I don't have anything funny to share. Guess I lead a dull life. But your bag pattern is gorgeous. Thanks for the giveaway :-)


Came over from Blueberries and read a bit of yours here - your patterns look gorgeous! Don't know why I haven't noticed yours!

Mine goes as:
In middle of our honeymoon at the west coast of Italy, in the middle of wintry midnight, we were woken up by a phone call inside the hotel. My DH answered it and it took me a few minutes to work out that it was a phone call. I asked him what it was about. He replied that the video store from Sydney Australia calling about an overdue video that I havent returned before we left. I need a few mins to click that he was just kidding (I have a terrible history with video stores and the overdue videos, etc). We just cracked up over that as the call was actually just about the brekkie that following morning and we had no idea why the hotel folks thought it is important to wake us up for that! Not as funny here but yeah.



Ooh ooh ooh a birds eye view, This pattern is gorgeous and as usual your bright and cheeky personality shines through in another design. Well done


Love the new bag design. Owls are one of my favourites to stitch at the moment. But the dragonflies I love because it reminds me of our time spent living in Darwin. One of the happier times in our lives.

Bev C

Hello Natalie, I am just wiping away the tears, I can just see you there being attacked by that toilet paper, seeing it was 19 years ago, you probably had a dress on with big puffy sleeves which may actually be a worse memory!!!

Love your new bag design, good luck at Melbourne.
Happy days.

sandra parsons

Hi Natalie. Had a disastrous holiday at Tuncurry one year. Rented unit included boat. Got out on the water, DH had left bait back at unit. In we come, I mind boat while he sprints back to unit. Back on water, DH stands up in boat, loses balance, boat tips, and I fall into water, lose my glasses, ruin my watch and badly bruise my knee! Best go back to shore- winding boat onto trailer and winch rope breaks. Finally back at unit, hot shower, feeling very sore and sorry. As I am shortsighted, DH decides to move the TV closer for me and pulls the aerial out of the wall!! He then decides we should go for a drive to find out where the nearest optometrist is, so he slams the sliding door closed and the lock breaks!!! That is only PART of the " holiday" it would take forever to tell you the rest, but I'm sure you get the idea- LOL. ( I wasn't laughing at the time!) Sandy.

Sarah Casey

Why is it when these comps come along you cant think of a single incident?????

The best I can think of is my children have the habbit of vomiting when we eat out.
So last christmas when we went out for lunch my 2 year old stood up and vomited all over the table. (She was fine once she vomited)
Hence our lunch was cut very short and back home we went to have basic sandwhiches for our lunch

Sarah Rothe

My funny holiday story is more cute than funny, but I thought I'd share too. When my daughter was nearly 2 we took a short break to Broken Hill. We remember it now as the icecream holiday, as everywhere we went she wanted an icecream. I kid you not, every single photo of that trip is a picture of her eating icecream! It was a very happy holiday.


My Mum always embarreses me. I was at the hairdresser getting my hair cut, and Mum says to the hairdresser "so when is your baby due" the hairdresser says "I'm not pregnant I have celiac disease." I nearly died with embarrassment. Mum has never asked that question again.It got worse as she was trying to get out of it.

Jill Kennedy

Attempted driving to Syd from Adl for Xmas with DH's family with DD and dog in tow after spending big $$ getting car up to scratch. All the water pipes blew at Manangatang. Couldn't catch a bus home as we had the dog, hubby tried in vain to hitchhike. Ended up nursing car back to Tailem Bend and had repairs done by great guys half-cut on Xmas eve and limped home, stopping every few kms for the car to cool down. Finally made it back at 1.00 am Xmas morning - no food in the house. Merry Xmas!!


I haven't got a holiday story but here is an 'incident' from today.

I was outside gardening, my 2yr old was asleep inside and my husband was working downstairs. He offered to go and pick up our son from Kindy so I could continue gardening. So off he went. Great I thought until I wanted to check on my sleeping daughter ... my husband had locked me out of the house & wasn't due back for 45mins!!!

I had to 'break in' by climbing in through a very high, and not very big kitchen window. I must have looked a right sight as I had to balance an outdoor chair on the wooden planter box under the window. Then I had to carefully balance on the arms of the chair and use my feet to push myself up Cirque du Soleil style!!! Somehow I managed to contort my body to straddle the window and pull my legs through. Thank goodness the kitchen bench is under the window otherwise it could have got messy!

Rachel Lees

Something kinda similar to your story happened to my mum. She was shopping in a mall, with her handbag flung over her shoulder, and as she went out of a lingerie store (it was in the days before those detector thingies were placed on everything), her handbag caught the hanger of a nice little piece of lacy black panties unbeknown to my mother. She carried on with her windowshopping, wandering all over the mall, until some charitable person stopped her and showed her what was hanging off her bag! Mortified she hastened back to the lingerie store and had all the ladies there in fits of laughter as she explained what had happened.
We still chuckle over that story. Thanks for the giveaway. I love your stuff.

Love hearing about Mr. Pickles! Love the new bag design too - I love the Tree, owl & bird stitchery and the sweet broderie fabric range is just delicious!


This story is set in the supermarket when my husband was taking the kids shopping, ages at the time were 2,3,4 1/2 and 6.Yes mad I know. Anyway he had the 2 yr old in the top of the trolly the 3yr old in the trolly and had the other 2 hanging of the trolly. All was going ok till he got to the wooden spoon section and the 6 yr old said 'No daddy not the wooden spoon' screaming at the top of her voice. With that he said the other shoppers were all looking at him, he tried to calm her down but she started pulling on his tracksuit pants till his undies were showing which caused more stares. He said it was so embarrassing, I'm just glad I wasn't there.
Just for the record we did pretend to get the wooden spoon from the draw when they were playing up, it was enough to stop them in their tracks. I did find a wooden spoon buried in the garden once. Wonder who put that there?


My story is when I was in high school i decided to use my sister deodorant , because she use to take my thing all the time. So i thought I would pay her back,
So I use her deodorant and I thought it was very sticky, well it was roll on glue that will teach me to use things with out asking.

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