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December 07, 2009



Hola, como siempre maravillosos los patrones, cuanta generosodad, yo estaria encantada de hacer un trueque ....voy muy seguido al supermercado y me encanta cocinar jejeje...estare con los dedos cruzados.
Un gran abrazo


Wow what great patterns. I hope Santa brings you all that you want.

clare's craftroom

Have you been reading my Christmas wish list but you forgot the chaffeur for driving the kids around . They are beautiful patterns and I would love to win one , thanks . I'm off to check my lotto ticket , lol !


I love your Christmas list for Santa!!!!

I'd be thrilled to win either of your lovely patterns so please include me in your generous giveaway.

Hope you have a fantastic Christmas with all your family. Love Penny.


ooh Santa I'd love on of those patterns. Thank you!

A Facebook User

Love your blog..Merry Christmas...Toni


I to loathe the supermarket. I wish we could just go on line and order our groceries and then have it delivered! Have a great Christmas and I hope Santa brings everything on your wish list! Love your patterns and would love to be the recipient of one!


It never ceases to amaze your great generosity, I hope from this side of the world have the luck and the grace of Christmas, hahaha !!!!! A great love Vero


The patterns are both adorable! Please add my name to the drawing. Merry Christmas!


Happy Christmas and may some (or all?)of your wishes be granted. Your patterns are beautiful - as always.


I know what you mean. The hustle and bustle of it all takes the joy out of shopping. And it takes so much longer to achieve anything. Merry Christmas to you! Hope you get at least one thing off your list! And thanks for taking the time to think of giving us bloggers a gift!

Karen C

I work in a "little school house" that isn't so little and believe me i need "a weekend away" - Your patterns describe my life right now.


Hey Natalie,
Sorry to hear you hate the supermarket, I actually work in one and love chatting to my customers, it's amazing what they tell you.
Your new patterns look great, I would be very happy to win one.

Maggey & Jim

I just love the colors in that getaway bag.. and the girl in the middle is so cute.. would love the giveaway but really enjoy your blog.
Good stuff

Sharon L F

Ohh Natalie, you are sooo right about your xmas list, though I think I could do with a housekeeper. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a clean house and a chef to organise dinner. Me cooking dinner has been going on for far too many years LOL

Have a wonderful Christmas...I haven't baraved the tree yet, a bit worried about our 8 legged friends :)



oh yipppeee these 2 patterns are adorable!! lovely giveaway Natalie thank you


What a generous person, sure to get you on Santa's NICE list!!

Christine M

Hi Natalie, I agree with you. It would be nice to have something new to stitch over the holidays. Regards, Christine M


If you lived closer I could leave Lucy with you to have a sing-a-long while watching playschool and I could go do your shopping! Both winners! LOL
Ohhh and Lucy really really really wants a backpack with a Ladybird on it. XX


Another fun post Natalie! Reading your post always brightens my day. Have the best Chrissy!

Denise Barrett

Hi Natalie,
I would like to have one of all the above as well although I could do without the pattern writer so instead I think I would like a money tree. With all the work done I can just stitch all day. Oh what Bliss. Bring it on santa.

Karen H

what very cute patterns! hope you enjoy your Christmas with family and friends - it's such a special time of the year.


I like surprises, especially at Christmas. It's my birthday a week before Christmas so I have two celebrations close together.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Bev C

Hello Natalie, gosh is there anyone who enjoys food shopping. It is so much easier to walk into a patchwork shop or garden centre or book shop. Hope you manage to find someone to help you. I think if you buy some tim tams you get three wishes. Happy days.


Hi Natalie,
I love shopping and cooking - perhaps we can make a deal. The only problem is you are living in Australia and I in Austria ;-)))) Both patterns are very beautiful - my favorite is "Isabella's Weekend Away". Regards from Austria Michaele

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