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December 14, 2009


Paulette Doyle

What a good friend you are! And what a terrible time to be in the hospital!! I hope all goes well with her.

Kris Meares (Tag Along Teddies)

Hey Nat! Sorry to hear how seriously ill your friend is, but how wonderful that she has fabulous friends to gather round and make her birthday special in spite of the venue. I just know it will be a day of precious memories for you all! Bear Hugs! KRIS


Hello. The lament this sad time hope she can enjoy all their friends at this event today, I know it is going through this also suffered from a friend what I command you all the strength to go with you and my wish that he recovers the complete expect a big hug. Vero

clare's craftroom

How sad Natalie . Some things are just more important at times like that and I'm sure your friend needs you , all the best to her and her family .

Nanna mary

Hi Natalie What A good Friend you are Taking Time to visit your Friend when she needs you Wish her all the best from me I hope she gets well soon.My heart goes out to her.
Hugs Mary.

karen c

just reading your email brings back memories of a hosptial birthday for my mum - a sad time made happy. It doesn't matter where you are that's important, it's who you are with. Enjoy your time together. xoxo

Ineke Platvoet

Hi Natalie,
You must go to your friend and celebrate her birthday - I hope you have such a good time together and enjoy each other's company.
In times like this it is good to have friends like you - so don't worry about the giveaway.
Hugs from Holland.


Oh Nat - Be where you are most needed honey - We will be here when you are ready Hugs XXXX

Sharon L F

Hi Natalie,
i hope you and your friends have a wonderful time. Just having you all there to celebrate her birthday will be wonderful for her. i wish her and you all the best.


Wishing your friend a very special day with her treasured friends.


Hope your night went ok, sorry to hear your friend had to spend her birthday in Hospital.However I am sure that you have cheered her up. At least she wasn't spending it alone.

Joanne Lendaro

Have a wonderful day with your friends. Sending comforting prayers for your ill friend and her family and friends.

Jane Weston

My thoughts are with you and your all can't be easy. (((hugs))

lyn lindsay

A sad story Natalie, wonderful you are rallying around her at this time, may she and all of you be blessed through this very special interaction, a most difficult time for you all.
My thoughts are very much with you.


Family and friends are always the priority....thoughts and prayers are with you and yours tonight
sugary hugs
Wendy B :O)


Hi Nat,

Definitely - it Sucks! Sending you and your friend hugs.

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