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October 11, 2009




How cute are those ducks.... How lucky to have them at your door.

I love the new bag... and I LOVE the name. Another beautiful design...

Sandy N

clare bower

I so want a duck ! What about "Nighty Night " bag or is that a really terrible name ?


So sweet, to see those 7 little dwarfs! And your bag is so pretty! Love the range you used and even the back looks beautiful, so you can use either side.
My name for the bag: Happiness with Nanna. I think it looks too bright for the night.


Natalie, The ducklings are so cute, I regularly walk to our neigbours who has about 60 ducks,I feed them stale bread they love it, they eat anything really. As for the bag I love it to! How about "Sleep Ova" or "Flowers and Butterfies" Good luck picking a name.

Shiree Johnston

Oh I do like that bag, do you think the 7 dwarfs might fit in there too?

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crasfts

Oh how sweet are your little babies....
Now for the bag. Just gorgeous.
Love the pattern/appliques & fabrics. Can I go to Nanna's?


Really cute those ducks. And your bag is too. As you know, I love your colours...and your butterflies. I don't know what Nanna's house is, but I thought of a garden with a fence around, and butterflies outside when I saw the bag; Butterflies around my garden.


Very cute bag! It would also make it as an excellent bag to carry home a quilter's fabric finds! ;0

Natalie, you have to make something with a little ducky embroidered on just HAVE to!


Lovely bag Natalie, how about Butterfly Breeze as a name?

Cute ducklings too. We have many king parrots that frequent a Grevilia tree I put seeds in at our front door. A few months back a pair bought their baby to show me, they did not stop squaking till I went out and talk to them and met their baby then they were happy! Talk about a noisy bunch!

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