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October 15, 2009


Laura in Stitches

Hi Natalie

The lady bird crackers are sensational!

Love the slumber party quilt idea. My little girl turns 9 tomorrow (just happening way to fast), so just of the age where a slumber party quilt would get a great work out! My baby turned 7 yesterday - so we are in frantic cupcake mode... terrible bad planning 2 birthdays in 2 days - it's always a minimum 72 cup cake week!

Love your work with the slumber party quilt. Churn dash is my favourite block and set on point my fave setting. It's a lot of fun... layercake?

No free patterns for me! Happy to buy them...



Great name!Well done Janelle.
Yes, I remember Gumby, I had a rubber gumby he was about 6inches tall and had a moveable body. Brings back memories.

Christine M

Hi Natalie, I just love your fantastic ladybird crackers. What a great idea for a party! Regards, Christine M


I love the ladybird crackers!! That is just too creative! ;0

Christine M

Hi Natalie, I just love the ladybird crackers. What a clever idea! Regards, Christine M


I love your work!!! Thanks for the chance of wining the pattern :-)

Christine M

Hi Natalie, I was sure I had sent you a comment but it seems to have disappeared! I just love the ladybird crackers. What a great idea. I hope I'm not too late to go into the draw for your slumber party pattern. Cheers, Christine


Hi Natalie,
Your Gumby cake story reminds me of me making our daughter a yellow and green Caterpillar cake for her 4th birthday. Then when I asked her what sort of cake she wanted for her 18th she replied a Caterpillar that's what I made.....I think a mudcake would have been easier! Linda :)


Love your post - had a good laugh (& a little cry) at the beautiful poem. It's the perfect message to add to quilt labels! Lost count of the different cakes I've made over the years, from teddies to tip trucks, barbies, lions & 1st had more made for him than my subsequent children (as they often remind me). He'll be 18 soon, maybe I should make him another for old times sake!

Judy Morton

Hi Natalie

"Wishful thinking" my cat's would be thinking because of the mice that are scattered over the quilt, I love the colours and especially Clarice and her umbrella

Denise Barrett

Hi Natalie,
I too love all things ladybird. I just recently had a holiday in Canberra and found the dustpan and broom with the ladybirds on so I had to buy that. I had hunted high and low in West Aust to find one like yours and had never seen them so when I saw it I just had to buy it. It did arrive home safe and sound in my suitcase. My husband thought I was completely off my rocker buying that while on holidays.


I am still amazed, every time I visit your page you have designed something new and exciting.
And of course I would love to win this beautiful pattern. :o))))))


Please enter me!!! :)


Hey Nat!
Great to hear you all had a great time with your Mum!
How cute is the Ladybird crackers! I am REALLY looking forward to seeing more pics the party!
Dont you just love kids b'day parties! I used to make my brothers cakes (I am 10yrs older than him).... I usually I made what I liked - not what he would have liked LOL... One year I made him a Black Board cake (from one of the Womens Day books) just because I LOVE coffee cake - but I must say the kids didnt like the taste of it - they were about 4 or 5!! LOL
x Sarah
PS: Love your new quilt pattern :+)

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