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October 15, 2009


Maryanne P

Hello Natalie, my special news is that I am a grandmother for the 2nd time. A little boy this time, 13 months after our granddaughter was born Sept. 2008. Mum and dad will be run off their feet I fear. Baby is just so kissable xxxxxx. Can I go in your pattern giveaway pleeeeeeeeese?


Hello Natalie,

(I think that Janelle is a very clever girl!!)

All I can remember is my daughters 8th birthday. It was a sleepover with 15 girls!!!!! and a pool party. It was the hottest day ever and just I brought a beautiful ice cream cake (it was a pretty butterfly) and yes it melted as soon as I took it outside...

I love your new design....

Sandy N


Thanks Natalie for such lovely words....I am looking forwrd to the big day and yes am very proud of how Lucy's quilt turned out!
Will sned you some pics of her with her quilt soon.
Amanda xxx
P.S. you can crash my party anytime. LOL

Michelle Duncan

Hi Natalie
My daughter is turning 10 next year and her b'day party is turning into a whole production(aagghh! what was i thinking). My girl has decided she wants to have a rock star party (she thinks she is a bit of a rock star). We are having a DJ to play all the cool music and making the coolest VIP invitations. Should be fun, am I crazy?

Shiree Johnston

what a wonderful newsy post, thanks! The little ladybug crackers are so cute, Slumber Party looks great, but then I really enjoy all your patterns!


as usual lots of lovilnees Natalie.


Que maravilla todo esta tan lindo, sus patrones son realmente encantadores y las ideas de la fiesta con las mariquitas todo un espectaculo, que ingeniosa ha sido su amiga, muchas felicidades para ti y todas las fans de sus diseños tan preciosos.
Por supuesto que seria fantastico poder ganar en su sorteo..
Saludos desde Chile

clare's craftroom

G'day !

clare's craftroom

Ha ha you thought I wasn't going to stop for a chat ! Thankyou for your kind words today I do really appreciate it . Your slumber party design is gorgeous and I really love to win it , thankyou !
Nighty night , lol !


such a lovely post Natalie so many goodies and I am loving all the ladybirds too! Such a GORGEOUS new pattern too!!


Hi Natalie
I would love to win one of your patterns of your very cute quilt! When I do birthday parties for my children (four of them!) every second year I usually do a theme party and have lots of fun making the special birthday cake and all the themed party food. You can take a look at my blog (birthday cake link to the right) and see all the interesting cakes I have made over the years. I have another to make on Monday, straight after I get back from a wonderful weekend away at a craft retreat!

Robyn Brown

Love those crackers. A friend of mine found this local bakery that is amazing and can create the most amazing cupcakes. One year it was ladybugs and this year it was hedgehogs. SOOO cute!


Another lovely pattern!!


I just *heart* the new Slumber Party pattern! Way too cute ^_^

Leanne Erbs

Hi Natalie.
I would love to win a copy of your "Wishful Thinking" pattern. I remember my daughters 1st birthday. Had a lovely party with lots of friends. Come time for the birthday cake, placed it in front of her, got a couple of happy snaps of her trying to blow out the candle and putting her fingers in the cake and then all of a sudden she threw up all over the cake. So no one got any cake!
I felt so sorry for her.


Hello. I just got my pattern from your last giveaway, and I will try it very soon. Thank you very much. I love your patterns, and I'm so inspired from your colourful quilts. May be I have more luck, I'll try at least. Should really like to have more of your patterns. As for the birthday cakes, I once made a Barbie cake for my daughter. And I think I have made a ladybird cake also. If I'm lucky, I may find a picture of it. Have a nice week end.

Lyn Smith

I just love those ladybird crackers. Would love to win "Wishful Thinking"

Sue Benson

Yes I remember Gumby. My 23 y/o son loved it. He used to have a rubbery toy of him and 2 xmas's ago I got him a t-shirt with Gumby on it from Jay Jays and a dvd off ebay!! Love your Slumber Party quilt and bag. Just gorgeous. Can't wait to see photos of Lucy's Ladybird party. Amanda did a great job of your 'Ladybirds on Patrol' quilt. Another idea I saw on a blog for a little girls party is eddible cup & saucer. Use a Tic Toc biscuit for the saucer, stick a marshmallow on top with icing, then a freckle on top of that and cut a musk lifesaver lolly in half and stick that to the side for a handle. Just sweet. I made them for my ladies craft group!!! They're quite yummy too. Have fun. xx Sue


Hi Natalie,
What a really cute pattern, and the new one - Slumber Party is a winner too. I don't know how you designers can keep coming up with such beautiful treats for us stitchers! Thanks so much!

Bev C

Gosh those ladybirds are certainly breeding. The saying on the back of the quilt was just lovely. Those biscuits are so damn cute. Now I just need some of the ladybirds to come to my roses.Happy days.


What a fabulous giveaway. I love all your patterns. The ladybugs are so cute.

Jo from the farm

I always bake & decorate a special cake from the Women's Weekly Birthday Cake book. The kids never know which one it will be, I always make it a surprise for them. I then write in the book who the cake was made for, how old they were & the year, it might be interesting to someone one day... Love your designs, Love Jo xxx


Oh what a fun post. I did enjoy reading it. Recently my daughter made horse cupcakes for a friend's birthday party that had a horsey theme. She also made mini cupcakes that looked like hamburgers and another time it was owl cupcakes.I love you patterns and the crackers were so cute.

Gerda Hartman

What a big hit the slumber party pattern. My oldest daughter will be 17 this Sunday. I would be thrilled to make it. Great colors! Your patterns make me happy.


Hiya Natalie,
how cute are those ladybird crackers....what a shame I don't have a little but I do have a neice whose birthday is in Feb,so maybe...
Love your designs,& the show & tell gorgeous..
Hugs Catherine x

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