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September 23, 2009



I've seen this dust storm on some other blogs. It's amazing. I had to giggle about the mortgage-free car wash man! Your projects always make me smile. It says alot about the creator. :o)

Mary Grace McNamara

Oh my goodness! I cannot even imagine dust like that! We have snow like that sometimes though! But eventually it melts and goes away on its own.

Your quilt is just too cute! Love the colors and the blanket stitching. Wish my machine did that, but I think it's too old!

I'll be waiting to find out that I won your giveaway soon :)


Paulette Doyle

Hi Natalie,
We have never seen a dust storm here before- YIKES! We do see that in Palm Springs (where we spend out winters)- they get the desert winds all the time. NOt fun!

I love your new quilt-kitty is so fat and happy and LOVE the raindrops- very clever!

Ann-Christin Norén

Oh this is a big story about your dust storm. We have heard about it in Sweden. A very long way from you! I have expierenced it in Spain once on Lanzarote. It was dust everywhere! I hope you like cleaning up!

Anne in Sweden

Tracey McCombe

Oh Natalie just a bit of a scary way to wake up. Love your new quilt how cute is it....... would look fantastic in any little persons room.

clare bower

I love your new design but I so love Barry !


Hello Natalie,

Yes!!!! I know what it is like not to smell.....

Yes what a crazy day.... red and orange.... everywhere....

I LOVE your new quilt...

Sandy N


Hi Natalie ~ we had a large picture in our daily newspaper of the red and orange view. Unbelievable. It must have been very impressing.
Love the quilt you appliquéd and the thread you used for it. Lovely lovely colors!


Gorgeous quilt, can't wait for the pattern..I've had the same fabric in my stash waiting for inspiration to be made into something for my pregnant sister-in-law. Perfect timing!!

Kris Meares (Tag Along Teddies)

Hey Nat! Yep, we copped that nasty dust storm here in Toowoomba too an it was HORRIBLE!! Watching it roll in through the sliding glass door of my work office was a bit freaky - felt like any minute aliens would be knocking on the door and asking to be taken to my leader! :0) Thankfully it didn't happen, but a massice dust and spring clean will have to happen here tomorrow - they say more will roll in today, so we're waiting til tomorrow to do it all at once! GROAN!! Hope you've recovered! Bear Hugs! KRIS

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