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September 02, 2009



How cute!! Loved the Barry story. Thank you for sharing.
Happy stitching, P


Hello Natalie,

I LOVE your new design - "Wishful Thinking. I love the mouse, very cute!!

I want some of Rosalie's new fabric (do I sound like a child lol)... I can't wait until it is release.

Barry how funny is he...

Sandy N


I don't know what I enjoyed more: your adorable mouse stitchery or Barry's Excellent Adventure. ;0

Thanks for the laugh. Made my morning.


Barry is fabulous ... I love how he's 'juggling' your pen!! What a scream!!!
Joy :o)

clare bower

I want that fabric but I think I want Barry more ! Never a dull moment is there ..

Maryanne P

Barry is soooooooooooo cute. You seem to have heaps of birds around your place. I know your son likes birds, we used to have pet birds years ago when our kids were little. No. 1 son used to spend many an hour, incubating quails' eggs and then drying the newly hatched chicks by the heater. Sometimes too our house guests used to received two fried quails eggs on a finger of toast for their breakfast, cooked by his little hands. Of course these
eggs were not the ones that were being incubated. Darby and Joan (us) are by ourselves now and we collected larger eggs from our three hens, although one is a bantem.


Oh my!. . . how do you get anything done? I'd be watching Barry all the time - what a cutie he is! (& such an entertainer!)
(& your little mouse is adorable!)
xo, Bren

Andrea @ Chocolate Fingerprints

What a cute mousie! And Barry is adorable! Hilarious!! :)


Natalie, Natalie, Natalie - after the week that I have endured catching up on your blog and seeing the photos of Barry and being able to "hear" you in my head telling the story - I laughed out loud for the first time in days!!! Thank you so much for your entertaining blog - catch up with you at the trade show in Melbourne, Claire


The mouse is so very cute! And what fun it must be to have Barry with you!

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