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September 10, 2009


Mary Grace McNamara

Oh what a bag that is! Bright and fun and looks easy too! Very cute!



Big job that...keeping an eye on the DVD player that is. Ah, but someone has to do it right?

Love your bag! It's going straight to my Tumblr "poolroom"!


I love the new stitchery!! I'll have to find it here in the states! ;0


my my, you have been a busy girl....i'm not surprised youre spinning like a bobbin.....still, keep it up - we love your work!!!
;o) Wendy B


Natalie, High Tea-Just for me is delightful. I love it!


High tea is the very thing to make for my Nana when she & my mum go on their expeditions!



Dizzy and spinning. You have been a busy girl....

Fruit Tingles - I love them both... that is the lollies and the bag... any girl would look walking on the beach with a bag like that.

Sandy N

Sharon L F

Hi Natalie,
Shame I missed the stitchery of the month club. It looks great and fruit tingle...what a great name. It certainly conjures up a summery fruit tingly look.
BTW you need rest days so don't feel guilty...they just refresh your body and brain and allow you to do a lot on the other days:)

clare bower

I love fruit tingles the lollies even just the name of them . That bag is a perfect fruit tingle .


Such lovely sweet patterns with wonderful bright colors. Beauties!!!


oh everything is so bright and gorgeous

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