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September 19, 2009



ci sono anche io!!Here I am!
Lovely patterns!

Julie E

Hi Natalie,

A fresh, bright and fun way to bring spring indoors without the perfume that sets off the sniffles and snuffles, my family are hayfever sufferers to. . Love the pattern.
I am an avid reader of your blog but a first time entrant so have know idea if you will even get this message. Julie.

Barb Graham

Hi Natalie,
I hope you haven't developed a bald patch!How fustrating for you.
I love the colours you've chosen to make your pattern up with,it makes me think of spring with summer beckoning just around the corner :) Barb.

Loredana Petković

Hello, mybe I'm not late, Loredana from Croatia, nice colours, it will be suit perfect on my armchair near swimming pool.- Loredana Croatia.

Sarah Vee

How lucky! I just found your blog through "Loft Creations". Your patterns are very happy. Hope I win one:)

Christine M

Hello Natalie. I've just found your blog. The flutterby armchair caddy is lovely. I just love the bufferfly. Please add my name to the draw. Regards, Christine M


know how you feel, having one of those days too, love the sneek peek, cant wait to see the rest of the quilt....


Just how cute is this?? Way too cute!! Hope I get to call it mine!! Thanks for the giveaway!!


VVery cute!! And blogged about it too:


I loved colors and butterfly pattern. I´m from Brasil and mother of two small girls, so everything bright, full of colors and flowers is very useful.

I love to visit your blog but never leaved a comment before.


Pick me pick me pick me - I love all your patterns - of which I have quite a few LOL. I would love to win this one to add to my collection, not only would I love to make it for myself but they would make great gifts to my sewing buddies! Keep up the fantastic work - can't wait to see the next instalment ...

Ange Moore

Love the flutterby's - and my 3yr old daughter would too!

Hope that Typepad starts working for you again - very frustrating.

Judy Morton

Hi Natalie

Love to win this and am sure my cat Khamu pronounced (calm ooo) will sit on it and hope they fly so he can catch them

Samelia's Mum

Love love love your work! Your designs are always so bright and cheery and add life and colour to any room.
Would love to make this, so it'd be awesome if you'd pick lil old me.


Natalie, as you head into spring, we're heading into fall here in the states. I like your colors of the new pillows. Your giveaways look so fun.

Ann-Christin Norén

Your patterns seems so lovely and cute! I want to win very badley!!!!!!

Anne in Sweden

Shiree Johnston

Hi Natalie,
I so love this new pattern, it is so so totally amazing, and I just love all the bright fresh colours.Jack's room look pretty good too


Great giveaway! flutterby stitches look gorgeous>< I'm new to sewing and recently bought my first sewing machine! It's nice to find your blog!

terry hein

Love all the fun stuff you create and the revamp woo hoo
hope i win the giveaway have a great day

Linda Armenti

I would love to give your patterns a try, I love your use of bright, fresh colors!! Please pick me!! I can't wait to win a giveaway.

Piroska Blanchette

Your new quilt looks adorable!
I'd love to enter your pattern giveaway, if it's not too late.

piroska at tbaytel dot net

Karen Reid

another lovely pattern - just love your fabric choice - so bright and cheerful


Oh how cute! I love it!


Ok, why didn't my post show up last night?

Oh well. I'll just tell you again how PRETTY those are!


Natalie, How cute ! Flutterbies are just so irrestible. My girls (cats) sit in our garden all the time watching them amongst the flowers. Love to win a pattern from you. And just waiting for your newest one with the Cats in it to come out on the market - Karen (Netherlands)

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