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June 25, 2008



Quilting really is my favorite thing to make. I enjoy doing bags, etc but quilts all in all whether they be wall hangings, lap quilts, bed quilts etc.; that is my all time fav!


Hi, what a great pattern, I love it!!


I love cross stitch, crafting, quilting, stitchery... so much things that days should be of 48 hours!

jacqueline Wouters

that's a difficult question:
I love making wallhangers,because that are great gifts, or cushions.also like to make dolls, I like to much, and have to little time for it. but that a problem that whe all have.


Your quilt looks wonderful! So do many other projects you make. You have a nice way of matching colors. It inspires me.
In the beginning I really enjoyed quilting most, then I started making dolls for children (when my kids were young) and now I found a new hobby: stitchery. Really enjoy doing that. You don't see that so much in the Netherlands, but it is starting to come. Looking forward to your Christmas treat, even though it is a bit too warm here, to think about Christmas.
Have a nice week! Simone

maree  watt

Natalie those fabrics looks Gorgeous.
I love to make Quilts with Applique or Stitcheries,I love the whole process,from picking the fabric to drawing up the templates to sewing it together,having piece by piece up on my design wall,seeing it all comes together is such a chellenge for me,I even love doing the Binding...which is not everyones favourite thing to do,then I love to see the recipient's face when they open their parcel in awe of what I have done just for them.
Thanks for your Inspirations.

Ineke Platvoet

Hi Natalie,
Congratulations on your new design - it looks fabulous.
What I really like most is quilting with some stitcheries and applique. As Simone said this is really coming now in Holland, so all you Aussie designers are getting quite famous here. Best thing is that Australian designs are becoming easier to get hold of.
Keep stitching!


Hi Natalie, the fabrics are wonderful.
I like to do bags, wall hangings, cushions etc. I like to work modern with non-fabric materials. Butttttttttt, I also like traditional works. I think, only one thing is very boring. So I change sometimes. Last christmas I got an embellisher and that is great.
The desings of the australian designers become famous in Germany and so I ALSO LIKE THE STITCHERIES.
Kind regards Heike


I love to make space for more fabric and patterns. No, seriously like everyone else I love making everything I can from fabric. I am in the process of learning how to make reborn babies (check them out on ebay), just have to find some spare time between study.

Deb C.

Hi Natalie,I love the new fabrics. I do not enjoy taking apart bundles and cutting into my new fabrics because I just love to look at them all nicely packaged. I worry so much about whether what I create will do justice to the fabrics. My favorite part is choosing fabrics and deciding what pattern suits that particular set of fabrics. I love all your designs. They are very light & airy.

Denise Barrett

Hi Natalie,
I used to do a lot of cross stitch but it takes too long so now my passion is stitcheries and applique. I usually get the stitcheries done quickly but then am a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to putting it altogether in a quilt. I guess I worry too much if I do it wrong but I am getting better and have had some great results lately so my confidence is building. I would just love to win your fairy meadow patterns. They are gorgeous.


Oh, how nice it would be to win your Fairy Meadow pattern. Patterns by Austrailian designers are hard to find in the US. Love your blog! I will post about your giveaway. Have a lovely day and good luck to.........Me.


PS...Forgot to tell you my favorite thing to make. The answer is that I seem to work in cycles. First one thing and then another. I am big on hand embroidery right now. I enjoy the calmness I find while stitching, and seeing a piece of plain fabric become a work of art. At least I feel like it art.


My favorites are stitcheries and small projects, though I am busy working on a stitchery quilt right now. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous!

Rhonda/Doxies on My Quilt

I've done many different crafts, but quilting is my most favorite. However, stitcheries is right up there with quilting so hope I'm lucky.

Yvonne aka sommeke

At this moment I love stitchery, stitchery and stitchery! ;-)
Thx for the giveaway, Fairy Meadow is a super nice pattern!

silvia broekhuis

Hi Natalie,
I do like the stitcheries on this moment verry much. It's great to sit on the sofa and stitch.
I do like your colors.
Please go on designing.


Such a lovely bundle of FQ's....My favorite thing to make is anything for my kids or grandkids. This year all of the grands are getting quilts for Christmas. I have 5 grands and have 2 completely finished and will pick up number 3 and drop off number 4 at the quilter on Friday.....


My favorite thing to make is a quilt. I've not gotten into the tote- handbag - craze. There are too many quilts I want to make. I love the new trend of stitchery in quilts. My first stitching was running stitch embroidery, which my mother taught me to do when I was 5. I did embroidery throughout my growing up years - that and reading were my favorite things to do. My mother had to chase me outside for "fresh air" - even in the summer.

May Britt

What my favorite thing to do is?? Of course stitchery. I'm hooked on stitchery. And on all kind of bags.

Your new pattern is so cute, and I would love to win it.

Claire Hilton

Great pattern so what do I like about crafting well everything really but best is quilting & the hand quilting really relaxing.. so the daughter-in-law comes in & the man goes running !! it must be love you can't fight it!!!


Good Morning Natalie, thanks for sharing some eye candy with us. I love this fabric too.
I love making small things, quick and easy, made in a day but I'm getting hooked on quilts and my favourites would be my 2nd hand PJ quilts. I also love flannel shaggy quilts, no warm and snuggly for winter. Hugs Fiona


Hello Natalie,
I love the new fabrics and the quilt!
Kind regards,

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
From the Netherlands


looks good must be pleased to finally have it complete........


opps forgot your request....I like quick and easy projects......a little quick stitchery incorporated into projects.......bags, quilts, whatever really........

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