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October 09, 2007



OMG woman, look at the time. What were you up to at 1.34am, I thought the stitching was finished!! Are you up to something else delicious? I wish you only wonderful things for your first BOM. Congratulations Diva x x

Janelle Wind

YEEEHHHHHAHAAAAA! I am SO thrilled for you that you have finished your Block of the Month Natalie - I know this has been such a journey of love. I had such a great day with you too yesterday and was so happy to be able to capture some great shots of your quilt too. It looks gorgeous!

Enjoy the journey my friend
xx Lou (Janelle he he)

Beth Dasecke

ohh wow your BOM is just sooo beautiful I love it
Now I just need to get a move on with some other things so I can find the time to do this one because I must do it hmmm Beautiful

Wendy Forbes

Oh my god, between you and Leanne Beasley and the other creative geniuses in blogland I think I am quilting well into the after life. What a beautiful quilt. Congrats Natalie.

Gail is fabulous!!!


WOW........this looks great must be so pleased now it is finished.......


It's a lovely BOM quilt. I just love it.


wow i saw this in person yesterday with looks great.....

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