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May 11, 2010



Hi Natalie,

Joanie is very cute and sweet!!!

I think that your new book is all about the garden and flowers????

We are all dancing with you!!

Sandy N

clare's craftroom

What a special girl Joanie is ! You know you are killing me with the sneaks of your book , can't wait !


Joanie is such a dear and congrats on the book. Looking forward to seeing it in the 'flesh.'


I love it!
so cute

nic masling

She is gorg...I have 2 chenille speads & luv them But mine ar from Target. I remember mum making all our dressing gowns from old wood blankets or chenille..your so clever

Shiree Johnston

OOOOH Joanie is really really cute!! So is that Aussie Masterchef then, we have just finished NZ Masterchef, great programme!! Enjoy!!

Sarah F

Joanie is adorable! Love chenille teddies! I have made afew of the years (not joint one's, just the ones that the arms are sewn on with buttons :+) You must tell her who's the boss with that remote hehehe
Now, your book..... Wouldnt have anything to do with Xmas would it?
x Sarah

Nadine Woodraska

Joan was my mom's name and I love your bear!! I can't wait for the new book, very exciting!


Hi Natalie,

It looks like a Christmas tree in your sneak peak. With a bauble on the end

Love the ladybug and Joanie is soooo cute.


John'aLee Burk

Burnout is never a good thing my friend. Take care of yourself!


Joanie is adorable!!
Glad Im not the only Masterchef junkie!!

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