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May 24, 2010




Wow how exciting.... Congratulations...

Do you want company to do the dance around your tree at midnight!!! I always like a good party!!

The book looks wonderful. The cover is so bright and colourful. You must be so excited.

Sandy N


Love the book cover Natalie. Congratulations. Can't wait to get this in my hands. Yippeee


WOW it looks fab fab fabulous!!!!!
Congratulations it is soooo exiting!


Looks great Natalie and I can't wait to get a copy.
Amanda xx

Janelle Wind

A HUGE congratulations from me too my friend, LOVE your book and can't wait to hold one in my hands too. Everything is GORGEOUS!! xx Lou

Gerda Hartman

Congratulations to the winners and I would love to see the book on the inside. The cover already looks stunning.


oooh just love it, so bright and cheery and ... Christmassy!! Can't wait to get my hands on it...


Natalie - the book looks delightful. Can't wait to add it to my "Natalie Collection"!

Miss Nancy

Congratulations to the winners. This pattern will make laundry a breeze, more fun anyway.

Congratulations on the book! The cover is wonderful. It just screams Christmas fun. Can't wait to see it.

Have a great day.


Ha ha ha! You're so funny. I'm loving you sick too. Ha ha! The book looks wonderful. Congratulations! Can't wait to see it in real life. ;o)


Natalie, your book covers looks terrific, I adore the reindeer, so cute. Congratulations, I'm sure there must have been hours and hours of work go into it.

Sarah F

Congrats to the lovely winners!
And, your cover looks FANTASTIC I must say! Looking REALLY forward to it!!
x Sarah

jo hercus

You clever little beautiful....
Your magic will help to brighten up the days...
Salutations and you.


It's wonderful that 'Thelma & Louise' are bringing out books at the same time :) Congratulations sweetie, it's officially on my birthday wish list.


The book! The book! I cannot wait to see inside. Just the cover shows the fantastic projects to come!


I love the books that our Aussie girls produce, I look forward to adding this one to my collection. They are full of eye candy photos and the quality of the publication is great. Well done

Michelle Whyte

Natalie, I am so excited for you about your new book. You should be very proud of yourself. It must kind of be like watching a creative baby being born. The colours are gorgeous and the cheeky little smile on the snowman is just great. Good on you. You deserve a celebratory naked dance in the moonlight he he he.....


I am very happy for you, and I like everything you do you know it no matter how far we are through this medium I can see your true talent and your great heart !!!!!! Congratulations. Vero

ade wulandari

hi natalie , do you deliver the book to jakarta, indonesia ?
i am in love with the projects inside and love to have one

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