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January 18, 2010


Sharon L F

Hi Natalie,
Good to see you :)
Morrie is clearly attached to his baby and somewhat suspicious of you methinks :)
Hunky Dory is a lovely looking fabric.

clare's craftroom

Hi Natalie , I'm so glad you're back and ok . Your sneak peek looks great , wow that fabric is beautiful !

Bev C

Hello Natalie, The flowerpot People sounds like it is going to be fun,better watch out for the gardener!!! Happy days.


Delicious fabric, thread, and stitchery combination.


I don't think I'd be game to put my hand anywhere near Morrie's mouth while he's watching over baby. Love the thread, such beautiful colours. flower pot people, did you watch Bill & Ben the Flower Pot Men when you were little? Or perhaps I'm showing my age asking that question:)


hahaha Love the morrie shot! Can't wait to see the flower pot people. I rang mum just then (8:37 am) and left a message so she can check out your wonderful post with her threads. She will be ecstatic (and a little annoyed to have the phone ringing so early, but if your daughter can keep you on your toes then who can lol). LOVE your blog by the way and look forward to every post.
cheers, Katie


Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt, the colours are scrumptious. I bought myself a Wii fit+ a couple of weeks ago and love it, the tennis is really addictive, LOL!


Glad you had a nice break, and how much fun is the Wii?
Morrie is so cute.
Still waiting for "A Ladybird for Lucy" LOL
Amanda xxx


Lovely to see you back Natalie!!!
Morrie is absolutely hilarious!! We had a Great Dane once with the same obsession for stuffties, eventually they all ended up in tatters though lol.
Ooooh, looking forward to seeing more of your stitchery ;o), it's looking gawjus!!

Miss Nancy

Happy to see you blogging again. Have fun with the Wii. I know nothing about the Wii. Morrie looks like a very sweet dog even if he is a bit possessive. Really Love the fabrics, really love the idea of Flower Pot People BOM, very much looking forward to seeing more when available.

Have a great day.

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